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WB JEXPO Exam Result 2022


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WB JEXPO Exam Result 2022

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West-Bengal JEXPO Results and Exam Dates 2022

State Exam Name Date for Application Exam Dates Admit Card Available From Exam Result Date (Tentative)
West Bengal WBJEXPO 01 Mar, 2022 - 18 Apr, 2022 21 May, 2022 3rd Week of June 2022
To be announced


February 24, 2020: The West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development (WEBSCTE) has announced the dates for the West Bengal JEXPO or WB Polytechnic Exam for admission to polytechnic courses in engineering, technology, and architecture available at different colleges and institutes in the state of West Bengal. The WBJEXPO exam will be conducted on the 21th of May, 2022. The JEXPO result 2022 for the exam are expected to be announced soon.

The WBJEXPO is an entrance examination for students interested in getting admission to the First Year of Diploma in Engineering and Technology. The WB JEXPO result 2022 and the VOCLET results are expected to be out on the same day.

The WBJEXPO is an objective-style paper which tests the aptitude of students in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. There are two papers of two hours each that the students have to appear for. Paper one tests students on Mathematics and is scored out of 100. Paper two tests students on Physics and Chemistry scoring them out of 50 marks each. The WBJEXPO paper comprises 200 questions of one mark each. The exam is to be conducted on 21 May, 2022 and the tentative JEXPO result date 2022 is to be released soon.

WBJEXPO 2022 Eligibility and Syllabus

Candidates who wish to apply for JEXPO must be Indian citizens born before 1st July 2003. The applicant must have passed his/her 10th standard examination from a recognized board with at least 35% minimum aggregate percentage. The student should have passed their 10th standard examinations in English, Physical Science/Science, and Mathematics. The candidate can also be appearing for the examination in the same year as WBJEXPO 2022. If you are appearing for the WBJEXPO 2022, and will be looking forward to the WB JEXPO result 2022, then you need to have met all the above eligibility criteria.

As mentioned earlier, the WBJEXPO exam comprises papers on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The detailed syllabus for the same are mentioned below.

Mathematics: Questions on Real Numbers, Laws of Indices, Graph, Co-ordinate Geometry - Distance Formula, Linear Simultaneous Equations, Properties of Parallelogram, Polynomial, Factorisation, Transversal & Mid-Point Theorem, Proffit & Loss, Statistics, Theorems on Area, Construction of a Parallelogram whose measurement of one angle is given and equal in area of a Triangle, Construction of a Triangle equal in area of a quadrilateral, Area & Perimeter of Triangle & Quadrilateral shaped region, Circumference of Circle, Theorems on concurrence, Area of circular region, Co-ordinate Geometry - Internal and External Division of Straight Line Segment, Co-ordinate Geometry - Area of Triangular Region, Logarithm, Quadratic Equations with one variable, Simple Interest, Theorems related to circle, Rectangular Parallelopiped or Cuboid, Ratio and Proportion, Compound Interest and Uniform Rate of Increase or Decrease, Theorems related to Angles in a Circle, Right Circular Cylinder, Quadratic Surd, Theorems related to Cyclic Quadrilateral, Construction of circumcircle and incircle of a triangle, Sphere, Variation, Partnership Business, Theorems related to Tangent to a Circle, Right Circular Cone, Similarity, Construction of tangent to a circle, Real life Problems related to different Solid Objects, Trigonometry - Concept of Measurment of Angle, Construction - Determination of Mean Proportional, Pythagoras Theorem, Trigonometric Ratios and Trigonometric Identities, Trigonometric Ratios of Complementrary angle, Application of Trigonometric Ratios - Heights & Distances, Statistics - Mean, Median, Ogive, Mode and Numerical Aptitude.

Physics: The syllabus includes System of measurements & Measuring devices, Change of state, Matter & Energy, Rest and Motion, Displacement, Speed, velocity and Acceleration, Light, Sound, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work, Power, Energy, Structure of Atom, Properties of gases-pressure and temperature, etc.

Chemistry: Identification of matter: Physical and Chemical properties, Separation of Mixtures, Solution, Chemical reaction and chemical equation, Physical & chemical change, Oxygen, Oxides, acids, base and salts, Water, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Carbon, Fuel (Carbonaceous), Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Electronic theory of Oxidation & reduction; all of these are topics included in WBJEXPO syllabus.

How to Check WBJEXPO 2022 Results

WBJEXPO this year is to be conducted on 21 May, 2022. The JEXPO exam result 2022 are to be released soon as that is the JEXPO result date 2022 as mentioned on the official website. The basic steps to check the WB JEXPO result 2022 are:

  • Log onto
  • Type the desired state name, for example,
  • Look for the desired button, for example the button that says WBJEXPO Results Click Here.
  • Click on the link and fill in your details, including Enrollment Number and Name to get your WB JEXPO 2020 result.

Candidates can check their WBSCTE JEXPO result and take a printout of the same for the further admission procedure. The post-result counselling for WBJEXPO 2022 is slated to be conducted in 3rd Week of September 2022. Students have to register online to appear for counselling once they get their WBSCTE JEXPO 2022 result. They have to fill in details including colleges of choice and courses of choice as per their rank. Once the seat allotment is done, students need to submit the requisite documents in original along with photocopies for verification, along with the fees.

Where Can You Check Your West Bengal JEXPO Result 2022

Students appearing for the WBJEXPO 2020 can check their WB JEXPO Result 2022 on the official website of WBJEXPO, or on You can also check your results via our Android app.

Bookmark this page using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D to refer to this page and check your results and other exam-related updates. All the Best!

About West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development (WEBSCTE)

The WEBSCTE or the West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocation Education and Skill Development became a Statutory Body under the West Bengal Act XXI of 1995. This body was set up to look after academic activities of polytechnic education in the state of West Bengal. The main duties of the body or vision as stated on the official website are:

  • To impart Technical Education & Training, to provide substantial number of technicians in different disciplines for the emerging industrial fields of the State.
  • To organize diverse training programmes from non-technical subjects to vocational areas for the educated boys and girls of urban as well as rural areas.
  • To encourage Madhyamik and Higher Secondary passed out candidates towards job oriented programme in order to develop an aura of self-employment endeavour.
  • Enhancement of intake capacity of the existing Institutions as well as induction of disciplines in emerging fields.
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