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UP Board To Award Full Marks For Out Of The Syllabus Questions

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UP Board To Award Full Marks For Out Of The Syllabus Questions

In a bid to bring some positive news for all the students who have recently taken their UP Board 10th and 12th exams, the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has stated that answer sheets will be marked full marks for questions that were not included in this year's exam curriculum. The decision is expected to provide some relief for thousands of students who have already appeared for their exams this year and are awaiting their results for the 10th and 12th Standard Exam conducted by UPMSP.

In view of the pandemic, many colleges and classes were offered online in place of the usual face-to-face. The UPMSP, or UP Board, decided to reshape the syllabus to reduce the academic burden on children, shortening 30% of every exam subject's syllabus. Regardless, some questions were included from topics or chapters not covered this year in most exams. This meant that students would get full points for any such question if they had not attempted it.

List of the subject and paper code to be awarded marks for out of the syllabus questions

Subject Paper Code Marks To Award
12th Hindi 301DL 1 Mark (wrong correct options)
12th General Hindi 302DP 5 Marks (misprint)
302DR 5 Marks (out of syllabus)
12th Mathematics 329FP 10 Marks
324FF 7 Marks
324FH 3 Marks
324FI 5 Marks
324JD 4 Marks
12th Sanskrit 303DW 16 Marks
303DY 10 Marks
303DY 3 Marks
303DZ 1 Mark
303EA 5 Marks
303EB 5 Marks
Economics 329FP 10 Marks
Techincal Arts / Pravidhiki Kala 336 16 Marks
Chemistry 247GL 6 Marks
347GM 3 Marks
Biology 348GT 12.5 Marks
348GC 5 Marks
348GU 4 Marks
348GR 2 Marks
348GQ 2 Marks
348GO 1 Mark
12th Accounting 349 17 Marks
12th Business Studies 350 25 Marks
12th Business Organization 622 12 Marks
12th History 321EP 44 Marks
321EL 5 Marks
321EM 2 Marks
321EN 5 Marks
321EK 10 Marks
12th Civics 323FD 34 Marks
323EY 15 Marks
323FC 9 Marks
12th Geography 322ET 6 Marks
10th Sanskrit 818AS 33 Marks
818AR 10 Marks
818AQ 8 Marks
818AP 3 Marks
818AT 2 Marks
818AQ 4 Marks
10th Mathematics 822AX 2 Marks
822AY 4 Marks
822BA 4 Marks
10th Home Science 823BC 6 Marks
823BD 6 Marks
10th Hindi 801AD 2 Marks
10th Science 823BJ 1 Mark
10th Social 825BY 9 Marks
825CA 9 Marks
10th Social Science 825CA 6 Marks
825CD 4 Marks
Computer 836 10 Marks