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From next year the UP Board class 10th, 12th examination system will change

From the next school year, 2023, students from Uttar Pradesh Council will have to take a new model where Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath has recently decided to implement key educational reforms.

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It is interesting to note that the UP government has decided to introduce a state-level ranking for educational institutions and to introduce a new examination pattern in annual government examinations for both high school and intermediate students. The decision was made at the highest level to improve the general education system of the state.

At the presentation of the Ministry of Education, CM Yogi came up with the idea of creating a new sample for the state-controlled 12th grade exam in 2025 and for the 10th grade in 2023. “In order to implement organizational, educational and administrative reforms, a new 12th degree governance model should be introduced by 2025 ”, the chief minister reportedly said.

He supported the introduction of internships for 9th and 11th grade students with qualified professionals. CM said the Sanskrit Educational Institute should be established within two years.

CM also urged officials to launch a state-level education framework for educational institutions, modeled on the NIRF, for "healthy competition". He recommended creating a new sports policy for the state with the help of athletes. "SIRF should be shown on the NIRF line

This promotes healthy competition between institutions and encourages everyone to improve. It will help students with access to insurance and outsourcing institutions to choose institutions, "said CM. NIRF was launched by the Ministry of Trade Unions (then known as Union Human Resource Development) in 2015 as a framework for ranking educational institutions nationally.