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CBSE: Students Have To Repeat Class If They Miss Both The Terms

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is currently holding the second-term examinations for Class X and Class XII students. These exams began on April 26 and will conclude on May 24. Similarly, Class XII examinations will continue till June 15. Nearly 35 lakh students from across the country have registered for these exams.

The CBSE had introduced a two-term system during the COVID-19 pandemic period, but those who did not appear in either term's exam will not get a third chance to appear in any form of re-examination or compartment examination following this new rule change.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced that there is no cause for concern regarding the situation involving their offices in the capital territory.

According to the board's director of examinations, Sanyam Bhardwaj, the organization is conducting their exams properly and smoothly. They are also making efforts for students and faculty to feel safe in the area by providing extra security guards at every school.

The CBSE Board has prepared guidelines regarding the compartment exam eligibility and results for the board exams. Unfortunately, students who have not been able to appear for their second stage of board exams due to circumstances beyond their control (usually family illnesses or national disasters) will be made eligible for special methods of evaluation.

As it is unwise to keep such students in a "repeat" or "failures" category with other candidates who may have had genuine problems during next year's registration process, these exceptions will be provided with options rather than being classified in a certain manner.

Revaluation Process

Students who are not satisfied with their board results are entitled to request re-evaluation. Candidates can log on to the school website and submit a form (after paying a fee) within two or three days of the result being published online.

The school will then carry out independent evaluation, for which they have to pay an additional fee of 100 INR per question which will be non-refundable. Each student will be allowed to appeal once only, after which the result may be considered final.