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CBSE News: Parents Demand For Cancellation Of Board Exams Due To Rise In COVID Cases

CBSE in News: Central Board of Secondary Education Class 12 and 10th Term 2 Exams Likely To Be Delayed CBSE can be making a big announcement in the coming days regarding their plans to postpone class 12 and 10th term 2 exams. The reason for this is because a large number of students are coming under the grip of coronavirus infection.

CBSE in News

Particularly in the national capital of India, many schools are empty due to the recent outbreak of corona virus, which has effected thousands across Delhi's borders. For the next few weeks it is uncertain if students across India can take the annual CBSE exam because of the rapid increase in infections. Because the situation differs from each school and even city, many parents have request that CBSE to reevaluate their decision of postponing it altogether until health officials determine that corona has not become as strong of an epidemic and is on its way out completely.

Students in India, preparing for the class 10 term 2 examination are worried about their preparations due to a week left. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the term 2 exams from April 26 which is just around corner.

How to overcome mental pressure

Before the board exams, the students would have had undergone a lot of pressure, which affects their nervous system, which in turn affects their normal functioning. This can affect their ability to concentrate on the exam questions. In order to fight this stress and strain, it is important to have a plan.

The plan students can follow to ease the mental pressure before exams

  1. Must have a schedule which is easy to follow.
  2. Must have a study regime that is easy to follow.
  3. Must have a study environment that is conducive to studying.
  4. Must have a study group that is able to withstand the pressure.
  5. Must have a good attitude.

The plan does not only have to be followed for the board exams. It should be followed to make things easier for the student.