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CBSE Is Hosting a Live Webinar Today For Conducting Term 2 Exam 2022

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On Monday, April 25th, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will hold a live webinar on conducting the 10th, 12th semester 2022 exams. According to the CBSE, the webinar will be presented live in preparation for the exam and is the responsibility of the officials.

CBSE Board

The live webinar on conducting the 10th and 12th quarters of 2022 exam begins at 11:00 am with a keynote speech by Vineet Joshi, president of the CBSE. Students can also watch the recorded version of the live webinar on the YouTube channel.

"The Board has decided to hold a live webcast on exam preparation and the roles and responsibilities of officials. The live webinar will be available on YouTube," the CBSE said in a statement.

The council instructed all schools to design a setup for watching live webcasts. "This will eliminate all future complications and allow the council to successfully complete the tests with the help of schools and students," the CBSE said.

Participation in the webinar is mandatory for all schools. The board also said that if a school does not follow the instructions to watch the webinar, it will be taken seriously.