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WBCHSE Class XII Bengali Paper Leaked on WhatsApp

WBCHSE Class XII Bengali Paper Leaked

As per an India.com report, the class 12th Bengali paper was leaked on Whatsapp hours after the exam began. The leak, allegedly, came from the Malda district in West Bengal. The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCSE) while announcing that it has ordered a probe into the matter also said that it suspects some people and organization behind the leak.

The WBCHSE president Mohua Das also said that there would be minimal to no damage done due to the leak since it happened after the exam began. Talking about how several sets of exam papers are prepared before the exam, she also said, "So a person cannot circulate one question paper before the start of the examination. We feel that some students who had gone to the washroom during the examination have circulated the question paper. Some people or organisations are behind the incident and they have done it to malign the image of the Board. We will probe the mater to find out the racket, which is responsible for the incident.”

The president also said that the probe would check that this leak was not as a result of negligence on the board's part. She also reiterated that the board would dedicate 100% efforts to step up vigilance and ensure that the exams are conducted smoothly.

The WBCHSE class XII exams started on the 27th of March 2018 and is scheduled to continue till the 11th of April 2018. The results for the board exams are expected towards the end of May 2018.