Tensions fly high as students are denied admit cards on the eve of the Exams

More than 11,000 students from different regions of Uttar Pradesh may not be able to take the Uttar Pradesh Board Examinations 2018 as the Board did not issue their admit cards. The Joint Director of Education, Yogendra Nath Singh enunciated that discrepancies found in the qualifying documents was the reason students didn’t get their admit cards and were effectively debarred from taking the exams as a result.

In the last two to four days, around 500-550 students out of the 11,400 have submitted their qualifying documents and their admit cards have been issued. The rest are still pending.

Documents that were assessed by ANI, showed that many students shared a similar serial number, or in other cases, the passing year and the mark sheet dates didn’t match, indicating that the documents were fake.

In another news, nearly 150 students of Class X and Class XII of Swami Kalyan Dev Kanya Inter College and Swami Kalyan Dev Baalak Inter College at Morna in Muzaffarnagar, still haven’t gotten their admit cards for the UP board exams. An inquiry into the matter revealed that the admit cards for those students weren’t issued because the two schools had “failed” to pay the exam fees of the students to the board.

Dinesh Sharma, a worried parent commented that his daughter was set to appear for her Class X board exam starting Tuesday but she didn’t get her admit card. The school authorities kept delaying the matter, by saying that the students would receive their admit cards just before the exams. But when nothing happened until Monday, the parents visited the Meerut UP board regional office. It was only after they visited the authorities that they got to know that there was no way to get the admit cards because the exam fees weren’t submitted to the Board.

The parents of these students have claimed that while all of them had paid the exam fees in full on time to the school authorities, the school did not pay the fees to the regulating body that is the UP board office. Only a portion of the sum total collected from the students was deposited due to which some students received their admit cards while the others didn’t.

RSK Suman, UP Board, Meerut regional secretary said that upon the arrival of parents and their wards on Monday, the matter was inquired into and it was found that the students’ exam fee was not deposited by the school to the UP board due to which they couldn’t issue their admit cards. An investigation was ordered and it was told that severe action would be taken against the guilty.

When asked whether there was an alternative to the problem as this would result in precious time being wasted away for no fault of the students, Suman, said that the roll numbers were generated in November and since neither the school authorities nor the students approached the board then, there was nothing they could do until a declaration from the state government authorities arrived.

The same issue resonated across different regions in the state. Students who arrived at the Secondary Education Council’s regional office in Gorakhpur on Monday were also barred entry. Reports said that they were also lost as to why their admit cards weren’t issued to them. According to reports, more than 70,000 students across the whole state haven’t received their admit cards yet.

Vipin Kumar, one of the students who didn’t get their admit cards was also present outside the regional office. He said that students weren’t told why their admit cards were not issued. Authorities stalled the students by saying that they would be informed the status of our admit cards later.

The UP board exams for classes 10 & 12 started on February 6, 2018 amidst tight security. The exams will continue till March 12. A total of 6,637,018 students have registered for the exams.