ExamResults 2018

GSHSEB board exams 2018: Gujarat board exam footage scrutiny red-flags 1,800 students

The GSHSEB has announced that after scrutinising footage from CCTV cameras and tablets in all exam centres of the Gujarat board examinations it will put about 1,800 students under the scanner. The students in question were caught on camera resorting to unfair means and malpractices such as talking to fellow students or copying from some other materials.

Officials from the GSHSEB had earlier said that as soon as the exams had ended, they had asked all the District Educational Officers (DEO’s) to examine the footage and list out the roll numbers of students who were caught cheating in the examination.

After the first round of footage had been scanned, the number of students who were seen cheating came up to 1,800. Board officials said that ten districts are yet to provide the lists of students who were suspected to have cheated. Additionally they also said that 236 students were caught cheating while taking the exams by the invigilators.

Board officials said that of the 236, 29 students were from the Class XII Science stream, 102 from the HSC General stream and the rest were from Class X. These 236 students have been called for hearings at the board’s office in Gandhinagar on Tuesday and Wednesday. GSHSEB further proclaimed that all footages will be scanned by board officials themselves and they will then call the students in question for hearings.

The students face penalties according to the new rules of the GSHSEB. GSHSEB had introduced stricter penalties this time around. The board said that if a student was found to be asking for help - orally or using signs – he/she would face action, including cancellation of the result for the subject in which the violation occurred.

The board had also specified that students who were caught copying from chits face cancellation of their entire result. Such students will be barred from taking the exam the next year too. If the student has not copied from the chit, only the result of the subject in question will be cancelled.