Raise Grievances Against Question Papers, says CBSE to Class X and XII Students

CBSE students exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced that students of Class X and Class XII appearing for their board exams can now send feedback and raise grievances about question papers.

Students of Class X and XII boards will, as per the board, now have access to an observation system. This system will allow students to send in comments and feedback about the examinations within 24 hours of the exam. This year, in 2018, the Class 10th and Class 12th board exams are scheduled to begin on the 5th of March, 2018.

Students can send feedback on questions if they are out of syllabus, were not understood with ease, was translated incorrectly, was formed incorrectly, or in case of any other issue. Once the issue has been reported to the board, they would be taken into consideration by an expert group to prepare the marking scheme.