CBSE Class XII Students Upset over Examination Schedule

CBSE Class XII students Unhappy

15 January, 2018: As per media reports coming in from around the country, students, parents, and teachers alike have expressed their dissatisfaction with the exam schedule that has been released for Class XII. Students in the humanities stream specifically, are calling for changes.

For students in the humanities stream, three exams, Psychology, Political Science, and Legal Studies, have been scheduled back-to-back, without a break in between, from April 5-8 2018. There's a day's gap between these papers and the Physical Education paper, which has been scheduled for April 9 2018. There's also concern being raised because of the proximity of the Physical Ed paper to the JEE exam —for entrance to technical institutions—which is scheduled for April 8, 2018.

Parents and teachers are all rallying to talk about the issue saying that the lack of break is an issue not just because it allows students more time to prepare but also because it gives students a much-needed rest which can put their mind at ease.