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UP board exams 2017 marred by massive cheating; teachers & students equally guilty

: UP board exams 2017 marred by massive cheating

30 March, 2017: The UP board class 10 and 12 exams which began on 16 March, 2017 have been riddled with multiple cases of cheating being reported from all districts across the state. What's disheartening is the involvement of teachers and school authorities in this malpractice.

  • Till date, the UP board has filed FIRs against 111 centre superintendents and 178 invigilators for helping in cheating across the state.
  • More than 1,400 UP class 10 and 12 students have been caught cheating across Uttar Pradesh but only 70 FIRs have been lodged.
  • 27 schools have been identified for blacklisting due excessive cheating just in the city of Mainpuri itself.
  • Similarly there are 11 schools in Mathura, 13 in Aligarh and 4 in Hathras district that have been identified for turning a blind eye towards the rampant copying going on during this year's UP board exams.
  • UP board's class 10 English exam was cancelled at two centres of Mathura on 27 March following rampant cheating.
  • UP Board has also cancelled examinations at 54 centres, while 57 centres have been debarred.

Even before the exams began on 16 March, 2017; the media had highlighted how under-prepared the UP education authorities were- due to lack of enough invigilators, a lot of private schools have been known to put their own teachers as invigilators - a practice that is bound to encourage unfair practices among students.

The UP Board Class 10 Exam will end on 1 April 2017 while the UP Board Class 12 Exam will finish on 21 April, 2017. Meanwhile, the exams that have been cancelled would be conducted only after 21 April. Meanwhile the UP government has launched a WhatsApp number (9454457241) and a landline number (0522-2236760) which people are being encouraged to use to alert the board/ police about cheating cases.

It is expected that the UP Board 10th Result 2017 and UP Intermediate Result 2017 will be declared by the middle of May 2017.